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Smoking tobacco products has lost most of the social acceptance it used to enjoy. Public spaces, restaurants, and now even bars, have banned tobacco smoking.

v2cigs-americas-no-1-ecigsThis trend is likely to continue – something that in 2013 likely doesn’t come as a surprise to hear, and is the result of legal efforts to protect non-smokers from the dangers of passive smoke from burning tobacco cigarettes.

Traditional cigarettes pose even greater health concerns to the smoker.

The toxins from tobacco pesticides and the chemicals added by cigarette manufacturers are harmful to the lungs, heart and other organs. To discourage the use of traditional tobacco products, law makers have imposed hefty taxes.

This has greatly increased the price of cigarettes and other tobacco related products. Many smokers have started looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, or E-cigarettes, are a great solution.

ECIGS are able to solve many of the problems of traditional cigarettes by delivering nicotine without burning tobacco. Nicotine is instead delivered through a mist created by heating a liquid nicotine solution and turning it into vapor.

The vapor is inhaled and the nicotine is absorbed through the lungs, just like traditional cigarettes. However, since no tobacco was burned in the process, no carbon monoxide or tar are inhaled. Carbon monoxide and tar are the two culprits that make traditional cigarettes so unhealthy. In addition to being smoke free, E-cigarettes are ash free and odor free.

E-cigarettes do not produce “smoke breath” or smelly clothes like traditional cigarettes do. Also, there are no cigarette butts to dispose of and no risk of fire from disposing of lit cigarettes.

V2 Cigs is the most popular brand in the USA and may now be the top selling ecig brand globally

E-cigarettes are a compact and portable device comprised of a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. The cartridge usually serves as both the mouthpiece through which the vapor is inhaled and the tank where the liquid nicotine solution is stored.

The atomizer is a small coil that makes contact with both the battery and the liquid nicotine solution. When current enters from the battery, the atomizer creates resistance. This resistance generates heat, which vaporizes the liquid nicotine solution. The vapor is then inhaled and the nicotine delivered.

The “E-liquid” nicotine solution (commonly called simply Eliquid or EJuice) is generally comprised of four ingredients. The first two are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

Both ingredients are recognized as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration. Propylene glycol is a common food preservative, and vegetable glycerin is commonly used in both packaged foods and various medicines. They serve as the base for Eliquid because the other ingredients will easily dissolve into them and they can be vaporized.

The third ingredient is liquid nicotine.

This can come in many different strengths, depending on the preferences of the smoker. The nicotine can be left out entirely if one only wishes to simulate the act of smoking without the delivery of nicotine.

The final ingredient is the flavoring. Eliquid can come in a variety of flavors that either simulate the taste of traditional cigarettes, menthol cigarettes, or other non-cigarette flavors such as cherry, chocolate, coffee, or vanilla.

V2 Cigs Offers A Full Range Of Exciting Flavors For The Sophisticated Vaping Palette! Including 5 New Choices From the ZIGZAG Brand E Cigarette Line V2 Cigs is producing in partnership with National Tobacco

E-Cigarettes are a much more cost effective alternative to traditional cigarettes. Because of increased regulations and taxes, cigarette prices have skyrocketed to $15 a pack in some locations. This can be a serious drain on a smokers wallet.

Those looking for a cheaper alternative have found it in E-cigarettes. A single E-cigarette cartridge is the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, but is much less expensive. Some of the best E-Cigarettes are offered by V2 Cigs.

V2 Cigs is a highly regarded E-Cigarette seller, created by ex-smokers for smokers.

They are consistently one of the top rated in E-Cigarette reviews. These reviews highlight the affordability, great discounts, E-Cigarette coupons offered, and excellent products. One E-Cigarette review noted that V2 Cigs was so reasonably priced that it was cheaper than two cartons of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Other highlights of the brand include, a wide variety of Eliquids, excellent taste, nice vapor, and great coupons.

A great feature of V2 Cigs, which really shows that they were designed by smokers, is that their E-Cigarettes simulate the shape, size and look of a traditional cigarette.

This is a great feature because it allows the smoker to experience the same sensations that they love about smoking without the smell, toxins, and costs. Many smokers find it to be easy to replace the nicotine from traditional cigarettes, but very difficult to replace the habit or ritual of smoking. V2 Cigs are designed to very accurately simulate that ritual, and it makes the transition from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes extremely simple.

V2 Cigs offers a choice between automatic and manual batteries.

  • Automatic batteries further simulate traditional cigarettes. As the E-cigarette is puffed, the atomizer is activated and vapor is produced.
  • Manual batteries have a small button that activates the atomization process when pressed. The manual battery allows for more heating of the liquid before puffing.

V2 Cigs lets the customer decide what method works best for them.

V2 Cigs also offer many varieties of Eliquid so you can customize your V2 Cigs experience. There are three varieties of traditional tobacco flavors (V2 Red – an American tobacco flavor, Sahara – a Turkish tobacco flavor, and Congress – a Refined tobacco flavor), There are three varieties of menthol flavors (Menthol – a refreshing mint flavor, Peppermint – a sweet mint flavor, and Mint Tea – smooth and refreshing).

V2 Cigs also offer four specialty flavors (Cherry – a farm fresh taste, Chocolate – a rich milk chocolate flavor, Coffee – a coffee flavor with cream and sugar, and Vanilla – smooth and satisfying). These flavors are also available in varying levels of nicotine from V2 Cigs, to further customize your E-cigarette experience.

V2 Cigs sell a variety of E-cigarette kits that include everything you need in one convenient and affordable bundle. Each kit includes a variety of batteries, flavor cartridges, and chargers. The V2 Cigs Beginners Kit is one of the most affordable starter kits on the market. The V2 Cigs Standard Kit is the essential E-Cig starter kit.

The V2 Cigs Standard Plus Kit contains all of the essentials plus a bonus carrying case. The V2 Couples Kit contains two standard kits for a pair switching to E-Cigs together. Finally, the V2 Ultimate Kit is a big value with all the gadgets. It has even more batteries and flavor cartridges as a well as metal carry case and car charger adapter. V2 Cigs offers E-cigarette kits that are a great product at a great price.

Unlike other E-cigarette brands, V2 Cigs offer a wide variety of accessories to even further customize your E-cigarette experience

V2 Cigs has everything from lanyards to help you avoid losing batteries, to specialty adapters designed specifically for UK or EU wall outlets. One of the most innovative accessories that V2 Cigs offers is a portable charging case that can recharge an E-cigarette battery up to 8 times even when you can’t get to an outlet.

V2 Cigs are of the highest quality.

They use only their own designs, and all products are assembled at V2 Cigs certified assembly plants. Every Eliquid batch undergoes comprehensive testing, and V2 Cigs provides a listing of all of their ingredients online. In fact, V2 Cigs is so committed to quality and transparency that you can view testing results live on their website.

In order to insure that their flavor cartridges meet the high quality and consistency standards set by V2 Cigs, cartridges are tested daily by V2 engineers. V2 Cigs believe that their system will provide the most reliable and highest quality E-cigarettes available, and back all of their electrical products with a lifetime warranty.

Electronic Cigarette Reviews felt that V2 Cigs are among the best on the market.

They advised their readers that “…if you are looking for a high quality e-cigarette that can be customized to your liking and requires zero maintenance, go with V2 Cigs.”

The E-Cigarette newbie turned critic, Tomi Shaw commented on v2cigs stating ” I have complete confidence when recommending V2 to family, friends, and readers because it is one of the few brands that truly caters to consumers’ needs and offers a product that never sacrifices quality while maintaining low costs.”

V2 Cigs offers many discounts as well. The V2 cig coupons are frequently offered to customers to help keep costs low.

Electronic cigarettes offer many advantages as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. They avoid some of the major health and social drawbacks of traditional cigarettes, they are less expensive than traditional cigarettes, and they offer more variety in flavor and nicotine levels than traditional cigarettes.

V2 Cigs takes each of these advantages and takes them up another level over other E-cigarette brands.

V2 Cigs are among the safest on the market because of their rigorous testing. V2 Cigs are among the least expensive on the market because of their fantastic kit values and V2 Cigs coupons. Finally, V2 Cigs offer the most variety with their many flavor and nicotine level combinations.

All these factors, plus the many discounts and V2 Cigs coupons make V2 Cigs a great solution for someone looking for an affordable alternative to traditional cigarettes.