Atheist: Africa Needs Christian Missionaries

[WPMSHOT key="" url=""]A[WPMSHOT key="" url=""]fter all these years in ministry and missions, the one thing that still floors me is when non-Christians are ultra-supportive of the church. I mean, these are the same people that I expect to question why I sold everything to move internationally, or to think I’m foolish for choosing a career that does not pay well by the world’s estimation. Most every time, those questions come from longtime Christians.

So just when I think I will no longer be surprised by who donates (and who doesn’t) or by who’s emotionally supportive (and who isn’t), along comes this article from The Times in the UK:

As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God

This is yet another reminder that, as much as I despise being pigeonholed, I am still guilty of doing the same to others. Not everyone who disagrees with my way of thinking, or my relationship with God, is blind to the good that Christians can accomplish through following Christ’s teachings.